Monday, November 30, 2015

FB Game 6-the end

Football season has come to an end. Here's a quick recap of the rest of the season. Fun fact, due to travel schedules and the distance of away games this was the first season I did not make any away games!

Game 6 Malone took on Northern Michigan in northern Michigan. It was a long trek so the team left on Thursday morning to begin the journey. The result of being alone with the kids for 3 days...

Donuts for breakfast!
In terms of the game the Pioneers were defeated 13-41. Kyle got home at 6 am on Sunday morning!

Game 7 was against our cross-town rivals, Walsh University. It was a cold night game and we spent our time in the press box. Malone fell 7-24.

One of the new developments of the season...the away stands have been torn down as the stadium prepares for a major renovation. You can see the Football Hall of used to be blocked by the visitor stands.
This is the chaos of the coaches family pressbox...there are a lot of kids, coats and food in a very small space.
This was also the game Mema was visiting, so she kept Kolter corralled.

This the pack of kids that run around on the field after the game...they think they own this place ;)

Game 8: Malone took on Lake Erie. This game was only an hour away, but it didn't start until 7 pm so I opted to stay home and put the kids to bed. This game was very exciting and very close it even went into overtime. Malone was ahead most of the game but in the end they lost 24-27.

Even if we can't go to the game we're always prepared for cheering on the Pioneers...with 2 cheerleading outfits on and an oversized football uniform.

Game 9: The Pioneers played the Findlay Oilers. Again this was a relatively close away game, but the kids and I were in CO so we couldn't attend. This game was pretty ugly and ended with a  Malone loss 17-49.

This kid is ready to take on the big boys

Game 10: The final game of the season (fun fact: on my birthday) was against Northwood and it was played at Glen Oak stadium as the Hall of Fame stadium renovation continued (they had removed the turf). This was another close game that went back and forth, but in the end the Pioneers lost 21-28.

Can you tell he loves to be on the grass?

I love this picture, it looks like he's walking away in disgust just like a true coach ;)

Nora with her friend, Miranda and Mommy

Family selfie to end the season

Football season is over and now recruiting is in full swing. We have the football banquet this weekend to wrap up a tough season.

my football friends!

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