Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Church Camping 2015

Every year we look forward to the church camping weekend. While I'm not really the tent camping type, when you get to go with 50 of your favorite people it's pretty fun. There were about 20 adults and 50 children ;)

We all have adjoining camping sites, so the kids can run wild and we know they are being watched. Kolter is our little explorer, which made things a bit more interesting since he is still learning the concept of not walking onto the road ;)

Have I mentioned Kolter is a climber? Well he most certainly is. Here he is perched on someone else's lawn chair.

The kids had a blast with their friends! They rode bikes and scooters. They exchanged glow bracelets (below Sawyer is handing out a glow bracelet to all his friends). They conducted secret meetings, pretended to ride in kayaks, roasted s'mores, climbed on the playground and generally just ran amok.

We arrived on Thursday night and ate dinner with the whole group. Then Kyle assembled the tent. And we of course roasted some s'mores (while some people in our group watched the CAVS game on a big screen tv they brought along :)

Me, Kyle, Sawyer and Nora all slept in our little tent. Kolter slept in the van in his pack'n'play. Needless to say Kolter slept better than anyone! Nora woke up at the crack of dawn all smiles. Her first words, "Mom, I love camping!" My response, "Go back to sleep."

Friday was a hot one so we took advantage of the lake, beach and our friends boats.

Kolter loved the water and the sand. In fact he loved it a bit too much as he was constantly trying to wade deeper than his balance would allow.

water baby

The kids built sand castles with Daddy, learned how to kayak and tubed on the boat.

Liz teaching Nora how to kayak

Daddy and Sawyer swim time!

Sawyer learning how to kayak

Kolter even tried to get in on the action
he finally got someone to give him a ride ;)
Kayaking kids

See it takes a village

It was so hot we stayed at the beach for over 7 hours! The kids were exhausted! We went back to the camp site to eat dinner with the whole crew. As we were preparing for dinner a thunderstorm blew through. That didn't stop us though…once it was over we all ate. Then we started up the fire for more s'mores.

At that point I was about to leave (I had a commitment the next day) and Kyle was going to stay with the 2 older kids, but with news of impending thunderstorms throughout the night we decided to pack it up and head home.

We packed up quickly and hit the road before the next storm hit. All 3 kids were asleep before we reached the park exit. I would call that a successful camping trip! It was another year of fun with our friends exploring God's beautiful creation!

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