Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zoo Night

One of the greatest perks of being an Akron Zoo member are the monthly zoo nights! Once a month they open the zoo in the evening (it usually closes at 5 pm) for members only. We love going at night because the weather is a little cooler, most of the animals are more active in the evening and Daddy gets to come with us.

Last week we took advantage of the June zoo night. The kids were excited!

Can you tell who our crazy kid is...that middle child is something else

Speaking of the middle child...I can't believe how much she has grown. She looks so big in these pictures. In the 1st one I love the way she is standing behind Sawyer, so he can "protect" her from the snake (the lady is holding).

my little penguins

Kolter was pretty content in the long as we keep moving
As we walked through the zoo it became apparent that a storm was brewing (the thunder was a good clue :) But we decided to persevere because we were on a mission to find the free Dippin' Dots. After we got in line the sprinkles started and then the downpour. We were committed to the Dippin' Dots so we waited in line and then found shelter.

Kolter wanted in on the rain action so he did a little running in the rain and jumping in puddles. That pouring rain wasn't going to stop his fun.

After waiting out the storm we visited a few more animals and ended with a ride on the carousel.

Family Self

Yeah for fun family nights!

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