Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Swing

We are in the swing of summer...

School's out and we've been staying busy enjoying the warm weather and more family time

Family bike rides: We've been going on lots of family bike rides. I love that we've reached a season where we can all ride!

This was our 1st attempt on the trail near our house. We even saw deer along the creek!

This guy loves a family bike ride too
Swim lessons: another round of swim lessons. Sawyer still struggles with immersing his whole head, but he is making strides and getting there…we learned goggles help

Smelling the roses (or day lilies): our Nora LOVES flowers. She tends to all of them in our yard

Vacation Bible School: the kids went to VBS this week and loved it! It was Nora's 1st time going to "school." Sawyer memorized a verse each day…it always astounds me how fast kids can memorize. They got to play with friends. And they learned lots of new songs to shout praise to our Lord!

Impromptu barbecues with friends

Garage sales
This girl loves a garage sale! She loves finding "treasures"
An Elsa hat complete with fake braid…one of her garage sale treasures
And I don't know why, but people love to give her free stuff ;)

Homemade ice cream: eating homemade ice cream after a hard day of playing

Football camp: Malone hosts a kids camp each summer and this year Sawyer got to participate for the 1st time. He really enjoyed it! There were some much older kids, so he usually opted out of the scrimmages, but he did all the drills and listened well to the coaches!
my little guy running to the huddle

Father's Day: We also celebrated Father's Day by spoiling our favorite guy! He is such an awesome daddy to our kids! If you can't tell they adore him!

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