Friday, June 5, 2015

iPhone Dump {May 2015}

 Baby feet + flip flops = beyond adorable, Sawyer learning the simple joys of helicopter seeds, Nora's Elsa hairdo (at least an attempt), the many faces of Nora

Early morning donut run when Daddy was gone, Kolter is so proud of his newest skill…climbing…his favorite spot…on top of the kitchen table, sometimes you have figurative mountains to climb other times you have literal mountains…such as this mountain of clean laundry, started a new fitness plan that I am loving (Fitness Blender), also trying to eat healthy…loving green smoothies in the morning (this one is frozen mango, spinach, banana or avocado and unsweetened almond milk), Kolter and his ball, a boy in the window, he LOVES hanging out in this window to watch outside

 Memorial Day parade, Sawyer modeling his bow tie, Sawyer being silly, zoo trip with friends, everyone standing in line, Kolter on top of the table at the zoo (I told you it's his favorite place), Kolter playing in the rocks at the zoo

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