Friday, May 9, 2014

The Boy's Room

The nursery/boy room has undergone more transformations than any other room in the house.

We've lived in the house 4 years and it has been transformed (using that term very loosely) 4 times.
The nursery when we purchased the house
The nursery our 1st night in the house, we had removed the carpet and painted the walls white

First, it was Sawyer's nursery:

 Then it was Sawyer's room and Nora's nursery:

Now it is Sawyer's room, Kolter's nursery, and Nora's sleeping quarters if we have guests:

The room actually still has most of the same elements it started with: crib, armoire, dresser/changing table, curtains, refinished floors (Kyle did this almost 2 years ago, but I'm not sure I ever documented it) and artwork. We have now added a set of bunk beds to the mix plus a little more art in honor of baby #3.

It's way more crowded and not as picture perfect as it once was, but it fits us perfectly. I hope it is a room the boys can grow in together. I don't want to wish away Kolter's baby days, but I can't wait to see them playing Lego's together on the floor or Sawyer reading books to Kolter in bed. Sawyer already has a deep love for his brother and I can't wait to see that develop as they grow and their friendship blossoms.

We got the bunk beds from Malone and Kyle refinished them to match the existing furniture. Currently Sawyer sleeps on the bottom, but he will move to the top when Kolter is ready to exit the crib.

Kolter's side of the room. You may remember from above the "K" picture was once an "S" picture. I just swapped out the mats in the frame. Before Sawyer was born we didn't know if his name was going to be Sawyer or Kolter, but I knew I wanted these letter mats from Pottery Barn Kids, so whats a girl to do? Buy both :) I've been storing the "K" mat ever since in the hope I would get to use it someday.

Sawyer's "S" mat was put on a blue canvas we already had (it used to hang over Nora's crib with a mirror). Sawyer's "S" hangs over his bunk beds (see 2 pictures above).

Kolter has 2 pieces of art in the room. The other personalized picture is a birth announcement I created that hangs on the opposite wall. Here's the birth announcement:

And as of 1 month old Kolter is now sleeping in his crib. So far the transition is going well. Sometimes Sawyer will wake up when Kolter cries, but he goes right back to sleep.


  1. Wow, I love all the cute incarnations of this room! How did you make the giraffe? Its awesome!

  2. Thanks Amanda! We made the giraffe before Sawyer was born. We traced it (using a good 'ol projector) to a large piece of wood. Kyle cut it with a jigsaw then I mod-podged the fabric onto the wood. We chose to put it on wood because we knew we would be moving around and wanted to take it with us. However, I'm sure you could use other materials like removable wallpaper cut in a shape and put directly on a wall.