Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

This is a little recap post of things going on around here.

1. Mother's Day
I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. It started with a terrific breakfast of french toast. Then I got to admire my beautiful bouquet of tulips and open the kids cards to mommy. This year I saw an idea online and Kyle implemented it. He and the kids went out and bought me a journal. Then they each drew/wrote something for Mother's Day. Each year they will use the journal for their Mother's Day wishes. I love it because all of their sweet drawings/sentiments will be in one place and I won't have to keep all those cards :) At school Sawyer made me a heart with his fingerprint. He kept trying to give it to Dad :) I received my gift weeks ago when we purchased new barstools for the kitchen. Now we can all eat at the kitchen bar which I love!

picture of all my gifts including flowers, bar stool, heart and journal
Sawyer's drawing: a rainbow and his name

Nora really got into it she drew a pink doggy, the sky and some plants
After breakfast we went to church and participated in the baby thanksgiving. This is how our church does baby dedications (more to come on that in another post). Then we came home for a low key lunch, everyone napped while I did a few projects. Then we went out for dinner and enjoyed a nice evening at home.

My 3 babies with their momma…as you can see they are not always so happy, the 4 year old is having a moment 

It was a great day! I am so thankful for my 3 little ones who made me a momma. I don't know if it's because we have a newborn this year or realizing this is Sawyer's last year before kindergarten, but I've been noticing how fast time flies. While they all have their challenges (and I have mine too :) they are such a blessing and we have so much fun together! I really am trying to cherish all of our moments (the exciting and the mundane). Instead of jumping on my to-do list everyday I've been attempting to focus on the kids and be more present in their play time.

2. Warm weather
The weather has finally started to warm up and we've had some beautiful days in NE Ohio. We are taking full advantage! We typically go outside to play in the morning (bike ride, sidewalk chalk, walks, etc). Then lunch and naps. When Daddy gets home the kids rush to get their shoes on so they can go outside once again. Sawyer is getting quite fast on his bike and Nora has figured out the tricycle. There have also been a few park visits. I still don't have the courage to take all 3 to the zoo by myself, but hopefully within the next month we'll give it a go.

3. Fresh Regard is open again
After 6 weeks of a much needed break my Etsy shop is once again open for business. Thankfully I built up some stock before shutting it down for maternity leave, so it's been pretty easy to fill orders. I do have some new sets in works I just need to find time to sew them, take pictures and get them posted online. Here is my new favorite in the shop: Aqua and coral with a hint of gray…LOVE it!

4. Summer plans
Sawyer's school is almost over for the year and we have lots of fun things planned. Sawyer and Nora are going back to KS with the grandparents for a week 'o fun. We are going on the 3rd annual church camping trip, which should be interesting with a 2 month old :) Then Sawyer has 2 weeks of swim lessons and Kyle has kids camps. And July will be even busier with a LONG road trip planned to KS, NE, WI, and IL…we are crazy, but I think we'll enjoy our time with friends and family. And once we return from our extended road trip it will be very close to August and we'll be gearing up for football season. Oh how I love summer, just wish it would last longer :)

5. Transportation
I don't like dealing with cars…I've only bought 2 vehicles in my 15ish years of driving and I still cringe to think of the cost. Anyway, we've had some car troubles lately. The power door on our van broke, when we took it in the mechanic said the hinge was broken and the cost to fix it was exorbitant so we are currently only using 1 door making it a little difficult to get Kolter and the huge car seat in and out of the van.

But that is the least of our concerns…over a month ago Kyle was driving his 1985 truck home from work and it died right in the middle of a busy street. He got it home thanks to a friend, but after several hours of work it still remained lifeless. It's an old truck with many issues, but it has always been reliable. We are having lots of discussions about how much we should put into such an old vehicle versus shelling out the money to purchase another one…decisions, decisions. Finally this week Kyle had it towed to a mechanic to figure out what the real issue is…the verdict is still out. It is such a blessing to have our van, but the loss of our 2nd vehicle has made the transportation logistics of a family of 5 kind of difficult. We have to practice lots of communication to ensure the right person has the van at the right time :) Sometimes I take Kyle to work, sometimes he takes the van and we are stranded at home all day, you get the picture between his work schedule, the kids activities and family errands I've felt a bit like a taxi driver lately. Thankfully Kyle's schedule hasn't been super intense, but hopefully we'll figure it out soon.

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  1. Awww it sounds like you had such a special mother's day! I'm expecting my first kiddo, so my mother's day was very quiet. Haha ;) I can't wait to get sweet little pictures and cards someday!

    Have a fabulous weekend!