Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daddy Games

Both Daddy and Sawyer love to create games, so when Daddy gets home it's game time! Some of the favorites include:

Rock Monster (a.k.a. bury daddy with toys while he takes a nap)
3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Sawyer playing the big bad wolf

Get Back Up There: this consists of daddy throwing (hurling may be a better term) onto the couch over and over and over

The video below is kind of old but it depicts the game Monkeys on a tree.

Airplane: daddy creates some major turbulence

the game continues until everyone falls off the plane
Another game they play is called tic-tock croc and they lay out all the pillows in the house and then jump from pillow to pillow pretending they are rocks. The floor is water and in the water looms a crocodile. Make it all the way across the room without the croc getting you and you win! I don't have any pictures of this game, but it's one of the favorites.

Castle: the object is to build a strong fortress then the bad guy attacks

Of course there is a little soccer and football thrown in too. Just writing about all of these games makes me tired. My kids have the best dad! He comes home after some very long days and all the kids want to do is play and he happily obliges! I love my game loving little and big kids :)

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