Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iPhone Unload {1st Quarter 2014}

I decided to do an iPhone picture post once a quarter. Some of these pictures have been in other posts, but a lot of them are random, everyday type pictures that aren't really blog post worthy. But I want to have a memory of everyday life so here it is. I think in the upcoming posts I will only include iPhone pictures that haven't appeared in a blog post…that would make it a bit simpler :) This post encompasses January - March 2014.

January 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Nora in her PJ's, Nora and Sawyer ready for gymnastics, Nora and Julia Romans cheering on the Malone Pioneers x2, Nora waiting at the doctor's office x2, Sawyer with friends during a winter trip to the zoo, Nora getting her 1st haircut x6,  me in my new red boots, Sawyer in my new red boots x2, Nora in black and white, one first quilt pieced together, Sawyer wearing mommy's shades x2, me and my girl, Sawyer and Nora modeling their hats x2, in a rare moment Nora is napping on Mommy, making snow ice cream x2, Sawyer giving Nora a check-up as we wait for the doctor x3, Nora's nails painted x2, Kolter's quilt basted.

February 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Sawyer and Nora "sleeping" in Daddy & Mommy's bed x2, Nora enjoying the Super Bowl snacks, Nora and Sawyer sharing a shopping cart, Sawyer at gymnastics, Sawyer looking very hairy after a hair cut x2, my 2 cuties, Nora thoroughly enjoying an ice cream cone x4, Sawyer and his new Lego obsession x2, Nora cheesing it up on Valentine's Day x7, Valentine's Day treats x4, Valentine's Day meal and fondue, Sawyer enjoying the fondue, my 3 loves on Valentine's Day, Sawyer sporting Daddy's hat x2, Sawyer as a Super Lion, on a winter walk x2, it was a dreadfully cold winter so when the sun shone we took advantage and this day we had a picnic, Nora's 1st braid x2, Sawyer's hair was so crazy this morning I had to add gel and spike it so it appeared it was supposed to look that way, Mommy and Nora cheering on the Pioneer Basketball team, Nora enamored with her pink balloon x2, Sawyer cheering on the Pioneers with a red balloon sword.
March 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Sawyer excited to see Peter Pan, Mommy and Sawyer ready for his 1st stage performance, Peter Pan x3, Sawyer at Peter Pan with his eye patch and spy glass x3, Peter Pan tickets, Me and Kyle at the Pancake Pantry in Nashville, TN x3, full-size replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Hee Haa set at the Country Music Hall of Fame, wall of gold records at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Me and Kyle overlooking the city of Nashville, watching an act at a famous Nashville honky-tonk, Me enjoying a gourmet popsicle in Nashville, the dress made of pink crayons in the hotel lobby, my 1st chicken and waffle experience at Loveless Cafe x3, Me at the Grand 'Ol Opry, to end our time in Nashville we had a Nashville original sweet treat Goo-Goos, Nora mad she couldn't figure out the tricycle x2, Sawyer excited to be outside x2, Nora and Sawyer holding hands in the van such sibling love, Sawyer and Nora spilled dry spaghetti noodles all over the stairs and Nora's reaction was "Uh-oh spaghetti-o!," Nora cheesing, ugh snow in spring, dance party with friends, Sawyer and the big bad wolf, Sawyer honing his archery skills, Sawyer fighting the football players and a monster x4, Daddy fighting off the monster for Nora, Nora helping the princess find her frog, taking care of each other, Nora finding shoes for the princess, Nora catching a ball, Sawyer and Nora putting rings on Pinocchio x2, Sawyer building a tower at the Malone children's carnival, Daddy and daughter, Sawyer playing whack a wolf, Sawyer and Nora enjoying cotton candy x2, Sawyer honing his sword fighting skills, Daddy was crowned and so were Sawyer and Nora x3…the next day this little guy arrived, Kolter's entrance into the world, all cleaned off and alert x3, Kolter after his first bath x3, taking a nap with Daddy for the 1st time, Kolter kutie, Kolter swaddled tight x2, sleeping Kolter x2, Nana trying to avoid the mob of Kolter fans once we returned home, Kolter's 1st nap at home, our Kolter kid looking cute x4.

March was a VERY busy month :)

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