Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby Crafting

Right before Kolter was born I went on a baby crafting spree. It's kind of my idea of nesting :) Here are the results:

Paper airplane onesie

Monogrammed bib

Apron for a 1 year old birthday party

Wet bag
Up to this point I've never used our cloth diapers when were out and about because I didn't have a wet bag. Well this time around I remedied that by making my own wet bag that is the perfect size for keeping in my diaper bag and once we're out of the diaper stage will work great for swimsuits. I used the tutorial from Diaper Junction.

And I made a new nursing cover for myself. This was super simple (even a novice sewer could have it done in under 30 minutes) and it is a poncho style but when not in use can be worn as a scarf. Tutorial from Bellapia Clothing.

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