Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Story of a Toy

It all began one fateful day when Aunt Candace graciously uploaded Toy Story 2 on the iPad. It was an instant favorite. One day while at Once Upon A Child Sawyer spotted a very large Buzz Lightyear and he was instantly smitten. I am not one to buy my kids toys ever; that's what birthday's and Christmas are for. However, I had a weak moment and justified it because it was 2nd hand.

Well that was about the best $5 investment I've ever made. He played with it exclusively for several days and as the weeks went by it continued to be a favorite. If Sawyer wasn't flying Buzz through the air saying "to infinity and beyond" Nora was giving Buzz a hug and lugging him around the house (he's about 1/2 as tall as her :)

As garage sale season began and their Toy Story obsession grew I bribed got them to comply with stopping at garage sales by telling them we would look for a Woody and Jessie. At each stop Sawyer would ask the homeowner if they had Woody or Jessie. We got some pretty interesting looks :) Then the other day buried beneath a pile of toys I spotted Woody's denim clad legs. I carefully uncovered him and made sure he worked. He was in perfect condition (minus his hat). So I laid him back down and called Sawyer over to "find" him. He made the discovery and was very excited! Since we were on a hunt for him I had to buy him.

However, this created a problem...2 children, but only 1 Woody. The next day I attended a local flea market with tons of vendors. Lo and behold I found a Jessie. The proprietor instantly saw my excitement so he overcharged me but I couldn't pass it up.

Thus began the love affair with Woody and Jessie. They have both been well loved since we brought them home. They get lots of hugs and kisses. They are carried everywhere. They even made an appearance at Aldi today. When the kids go to bed they have to tuck Woody and Jessie in first. They've even made a few trips to time-out. When Nora wakes up she usually wants to find me first but now she asks for Jessie first. What I love about the Woody/Jessie obsession is it is something they can do together and peaceful play time is coveted by this momma!

 Nora hugging Jessie and Sawyer demonstrating Buzz flying saying "to infinity and beyond"

Sawyer giving Woody a spin

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  1. So cute! Don't you just love the excitement of finding what you're looking for...and then passing on that excitement to your sweeties?! FUN!! :)