Friday, June 14, 2013

Bubbles {Camping 2013}

After a successful tent nap the kids were ready for more activities so we brought out the crafts. In an attempt to find a craft that was appropriate for small children and older kids I settled on beaded bubble wands. I found this tutorial from Barista Kids helpful. I also used the bubble recipe they provided as some examples I looked at said store bought bubbles might not be stiff enough for these bubble wands.

For the little kids I shaped the wand (circle, heart, etc) then allowed them to put on beads. Once they were done I secured the end. For the older kids I just gave them 12 inches of wire and let them create their wand shape and add the beads. 

It was a hit! The little kids loved blowing bubbles and the older kids had fun experimenting with different wand shapes.

heart shaped beaded bubble wands

Sawyer putting on his beads

Nora slept through the craft time but I made her a bubble wand and she had fun blowing bubbles when she woke up.

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