Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camping 2013 {Day 1}

This weekend we had our 2nd annual camping trip with our church. Despite the muddy conditions we had a ton of fun. I cannot even express how much Sawyer is in his element when is is outdoors. He LOVED every single minute of the experience, even sleeping in the tent.

When we arrived Kyle and his assistant Sawyer set up the tent
The rest of the evening was spent eating a potluck supper with the group then having a small camp fire with our site mates.

The night went pretty well. Both kids fell asleep once Daddy went in and laid with them. The next morning we had eggs and bacon. This was Nora's 1st bacon experience...see her reaction below.

chomping down

I think she is a fan!

It's mine!...and she is not giving it up
Later that morning the state park hosted a kids fishing event. Kyle and Sawyer went to join the fishing action. Before they left the camp site Kyle was teaching Sawyer how to cast. As he was practicing he cast it over the top of the very large motor home next to our camp site. I would say he's got the hang of it :)

this maybe the longest I have ever seen him sit still

Sawyer's casting technique

fishing off the dock with Daddy

2 fishing buddies

Sawyer and his fish
At the end of 2 hours Sawyer had caught 2 fish. But we learned something...Sawyer is terrified of the fish. When he hooked the fish he became scared and wouldn't even reel him in. Kyle had to reel him in while trying to keep Sawyer from running away :)

More camping adventures to come...

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