Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rolling Ridge Ranch

We recently went to Rolling Ridge Ranch with our play group. The ranch has numerous "wild" animals that come right up to the wagon and you can feed them out of your hand. We rode in a horse drawn wagon. 

The night before we went Sawyer encountered a cat at a friend's house and freaked out. I knew at that moment this animal experience was going to be very difficult. My prediction proved true. Sawyer was very nervous when we pulled through the gates and the elk approached the wagon. During the 1 hour tour he eventually got brave enough to stand and throw food at the animals but he would not let them eat out of his hand.

Nora surprised me. She too was terrified, even more so than Sawyer. She literally clung to me the whole time and if I tried to put her down she would scream hysterically. This made it very difficult to take pictures (I lost my lens cap along the way) and help Sawyer overcome his fears.

I had fun seeing all the animals up close and personal but I don't think we'll be going back again unless Daddy can come with us (I didn't have enough hands). Below are pictures of other children enjoying feeding the animals :)


Sawyer throwing food to the ducks

a very friendly camel

Longhorn cattle...I can't get over his tongue and teeth, gross

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