Monday, June 24, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Sawyer recently completed 2 weeks of swimming lessons. It was a great learning experience for Sawyer as he learned to get more comfortable in the water.

The 1st few days of lessons were rough. He would willingly go with the class to the pool but once they were instructed to get in he would bolt. And he would run around the pool so fast the teacher couldn't catch him so I would have to step in. This happened three days in a row. After a great deal of discussion with Sawyer it was determined that when he put his foot in the water and realized it was cold he would not get in. 

So, I talked to the teacher and instead of having him get in slowly like the rest of the kids if he could just immediately be immersed. She agreed and while he didn't like the initial getting in part once he was in the water he did fine. Thankfully once we figured that out he never ran away again.

Sawyer is very tentative about new situations but once he does it he loves it and swimming was no different. He learned to float, kick with a noodle, jump in the water and he even "jumped" off the diving board twice (that was his favorite part).

In his Elmo towel getting ready for his lesson

Sorry this is going to be like Where's Waldo, but they were on the opposite side of the pool from the bleachers. In the above picture Sawyer is the only kid standing (wearing navy shorts).

Here he is jumping off the diving board

Sometimes it was a battle to get him to go to the lesson but when he was finished he was always very excited about the things he learned.

his sucker and certificate for completing his lessons

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