Friday, September 2, 2011

Let the games begin...

Yesterday MU played it's 1st football game of the season. It was a night game which I always love. The combination of anticipation, music, and lights create a feeling of excitement that only comes around once a year.

As Malone continues to transition into Division II they are playing new teams and encountering new challenges. Should make for an interesting season and the 1st game did not disappoint.

Malone won in a nail-biting, double overtime contest against the Tiffin Dragons.  The score was back and forth all game.  The game ended with a 27-27 score.  In the 1st overtime both teams scored a touchdown. In the 2nd overtime the defense got an interception and the offense scored a touchdown on their ensuing series.  The final score was 40-34.

Quite an exciting game for the team!

the whole team rushing the field to conclude the game

A mom's experience in the stands was not quite as exciting as the player's experience.  From my viewpoint I watched very little of the game as I was chasing after a toddler who really likes to climb the bleachers, constantly doling out snacks to keep the calm, trying to console a crying baby who was experiencing sensory overload, attempting to swat a million bugs (literally it was raining bugs due to the bright lights of the stadium at night, everyone was eating bugs :), nursing a newborn in the pressbox, and sweating bullets in the oppressive humidity.  Also the game got over at 11:30 pm which is way past my children's bedtimes and my own, so by the end I was simply trying to survive :)  It really was an exciting and fun game to begin the season and in the end I simply ignored the screaming toddler so I could at least watch and enjoy the overtime play.

These are a few pictures I captured before the game and then at the very end of the game when I finally pulled my camera out.
Our guy in action 

Nora dressed in her Malone gear 

Sawyer's thoughts on taking a picture w/ his sister 

 Instead he would rather practice his tackling skills (no children were hurt in the creation of this photo)

Drawing up plays for Daddy to run during the game 

Modeling his new MU gear 

Eating snacks 

Being a big boy and playing w/ friends 

This is what Nora did when she wasn't crying or eating

My 2 favorite guys

Nora & Momma

Our best attempt @ a family photo (note to self 11:30 pm is not the best time to take a family picture it only results in 2 crying children)

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