Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 weeks

Nora your 4th week was pretty uneventful. Just trying to figure out our new normal. It was our first week alone as a family of four. All of our helpers were gone. Mommy quickly realized she would need to leave the house at least once a day. The 1st day alone our little excursion consisted of driving around town. The rest of the days I had more courage and we actually got out of the car. We spent lots of time at football practice.

Mommy was sick 1 day this week and I could barely hold you I was so weak. You chose this day to be your fussiest yet. Daddy coming home was a welcome sight.

Your daddy was a rock star this week. With my multiple illnesses I spent lots of time at different doctor's offices (no worries nothing serious), but daddy graciously watched you and Sawyer at his office while attempting to get his work done before his 1st game of the season so Mommy could start feeling better.

Luckily you have stayed healthy. Your sleeping has regressed, but I'll just attribute that to a growth spurt. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon...right?

Pictures from the week:
Daddy-daughter snuggle time

1st pair of jeans

All dressed up for church

Wearing her 1st pair of shoes


Sawyer on the attack, Nora w/ fear in her eyes

Oh, he just wanted to give her some love

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  1. So, so sweet! Hope you're feeling better, K. Love the pics of Sawyer kissing on his baby sister! :)
    - Amy