Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Final Visitors

Last week we welcomed our final visitors who traveled from a great distance to meet miss nora.  Sawyer and Nora's great-grandparents (papa & tache) drove all the way from Kansas to visit.  They played with Sawyer, held Nora, watched Seseame Street more times than they could count, went to the farmers market, and took on the challenge of watching the kids for an entire day so mommy could go to work.  They were a big help and did a wonderful job of spoiling the kids :)

We also went to get the kids picture taken together, but it did not go well.  In fact I'm still too traumatized to discuss it.  Let's just say after an hour and lots of tears from both children we left with no pictures.  So much for a sibling picture on the birth announcement.

Here are some pictures to document Papa & Tache's time in Ohio.

Papa & Sawyer playing with his new pillow pet for his big boy bed

Tache & Nora w/ her 1st doll

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