Friday, January 28, 2011

Pregnancy: 0-12 in a flash

Since I'm officially 12 weeks pregnant (@ least that's what the doctor says) I thought would do a quick recap of the 1st 12 weeks.

November: working at lot at my consulting job and trying to finish my MBA. Stopped nursing Sawyer right before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving came and we went to CO. Looking back that's when I first started feeling the extreme exhaustion and nauseousness. I was somewhat oblivious, but on the eve of our skiing day I took a pregnancy test just to ensure this strange feeling wasn't another baby. One of the lines on the plus sign was very faint, so after consulting with Kyle we decided it was negative and ok to go skiing (since that time I've done some research...even a faint line=pregnant). Went skiing down lots of hard hills and fell only once.

December: Finished MBA. Low energy, but nothing suspicious in the early part of the month...maybe I was on a high after finishing school. As I prepared for our Christmas trip to Kansas the extreme exhaustion and nightly nauseousness returned. The night before we left I was out picking up a few last minute gifts when I decided to buy a pregnancy test. I waited until the next morning (as in 4:00 am when I had to go to the bathroom) and it was immediately positive. I couldn't wait to tell Kyle, so I woke him up. Lets just say I don't think either one of us slept the rest of the night. We then traveled to KS and all three of us were sick.

January: Immediately after returning home I went to the doctor who confirmed I was pregnant (January 5th). Then I went in for an ultrasound on January 10th to determine the due date and confirm there was only 1 baby(estimated 9 weeks and 6 days, due date August 9th). On Sawyer's birthday we told our family and friends the good news. On January 18th I had to attend the doctor's pregnancy class. Seems kinda silly for someone who recently gave birth, but because this is a new doctor and hospital it was good to get all the info. And on January 28th I went to the doctor for my 12 week appointment.

I think that pretty much sums everything up. Now that I am at 12 weeks I will commence the monthly pregnancy updates.

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