Sunday, January 30, 2011

12 weeks

Baby #2 @ 12 weeks

The 12 week appointment was pretty routine. Kyle got to come (along with the 2 kids :) for the 1st time this pregnancy. My vitals were good and we got to listen to the baby's heart beat. It was 169 bpm.

Here's the update:

How far along: 12 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: at the 12 week appointment zero gain
Maternity clothes: not yet, but this baby is definetly expanding faster than the 1st one
Sleep: only side sleeping with a pillow b/w my legs, ugh, I sleep so much better on my stomach
Best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat
Movement: Yes, call me crazy but I think I feel this baby move quite often, it's strange b/c I didn't feel S move until around 20 weeks
Food cravings: red meat, I've been sick the past week...I even had a dessert sit in my fridge the entire week and I didn't touch it, so you know I wasn't feeling well :)
Belly button in or out: I think this is a strange's in and it never came out with S, so I may just stop answering this question and I'll keep you informed if it does pop out, since you're all dying to know :)
What I am missing: Having energy to get through the day, I hate taking naps
What I am looking forward to: having more energy and less nauseousness in the 2nd trimester
Milestones: Making it through the 1st trimester!

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  1. CONGRATS on #2!!!! You're looking good :) I've got 10 weeks left before we meet #1. I'm getting antsy! I can't believe you're feeling him/her already! That's awesome! I hope the nausea stops and you feel terrific the rest of your pregnancy! Miss you guys!