Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sawyer Sayings, Eleanora Explanations & Kolter Quips


S: I don't want to live in Oklahoma City anymore
Mom: Where do you want to live?
S: Oklahoma country

Mom: Who did you sit by at lunch?
S: Hmmm. Let me run through my memory bank... Oh yes, Josiah and a new person

Mom: Are you going to take care of mom and dad when we're old?
S: Seriously? I'm going to be a spy, not a servant!

Mom changing a poopy diaper
S: Ew, gross! Why did you even take this job?

Mom: You did a great job! How did you feel about your Thanksgiving program?
S: I've never felt more alive!

S: Mom, can we go somewhere where they speak Spanish?
Mom: Sure, where were you thinking?
S: Maybe Japan?

Mom: Sawyer, did you make any friends at church?
S: Well no. You didn't tell me too!

Mom: Did you like the note I left in your lunchbox?
S: Mom, why did you put a note in my lunchbox? Please don't do that again.

S: Please Mom! You need to show me the money!

S: Even when I'm a ninja I'll still be your snuggly baby boy


N: He's a rapper?!
Mom: Do you know what a rapper is?
N: YES! It's someone who wraps gifts!

Dad: Nora is there anything about us that is the same?
N: Well, we both have ears.

N: Why are you staring at me like I'm crazy?
Mom: Why do you think?
Nora: because you love me
Mom: Sure, yes, exactly

Out of no where...
N (between sobs and wails): everyone has broken my heart! Everyone is ruining my life!

N: Mom liked sports when she was little...she was a bobby girl

N: You know what my biggest fear is?
Mom: No, what is it?
N: My biggest fear is milk.

N: Mom, there's a bug on the sidewalk!
Mom: Nora, it's summer you're going to have to get used to it because we will be outside a lot. You've got to learn to deal.
N (straight face): No deal.


K: You gave Evy 1 cracker because she is one.
Mom: Yes, buddy.
K: I'm a genius!

Dad (in a moment of frustration): Nora I don't want to hear a peep out of you until your pj's are on
Kolter: peep

Mom: Kolter, where are your shoes?
K: a horse ate them

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