Friday, August 4, 2017

Party Fit for a Princess

Nora requested a gymnastics Belle party so we made it happen for our favorite 6 year old! She invited 2 friends to the gymnastics studio for an afternoon of play. They ate lunch at the studio where they dined on Lunchables (Nora's choice ;)


After gymnastics we returned home to enjoy cake & ice cream. More on the cake in another post...this was her very specific request.

Kolter decided to forgo utensils ;)

It just so happened that her party coincided with a visit from Papa, Tache and More Papa! How special to celebrate your birthday with family!

After cake the kids played! The girls gravitated toward Barbie and the boys (big and small) built with Legos.

Our little girl is turning into such a beautiful lady (on the inside and the outside)!

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