Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beautifying Belle

With 4 kids it's often difficult to spend one-on-one time with any child. About a year ago we started special nights with the older kids. Usually once a week after the littles have gone to bed we let a big kid stay up and have special time with mom or dad. 

Nora and I usually watch something girly. We've completed Project Runway Junior and now we watch YouTube kids cooking videos. It's fun...until she decides she wants to make one of their concoctions ;)

This is where her dream of a Belle cake began! Here's the link to the inspiration video: Kids Cooking and Crafts . And below is our own rendition complete with 3 batches of Rice Krispie treats stacked together then a hole cut out and Belle inserted.

After much skepticism it was a smashing success! It turned out way better than I had anticipated. Not only did it look good, but it also tasted delicious!

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