Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Party Planning

One day Nora decided she wanted to plan a party (for no reason). She chose the color scheme (red, white and blue). She picked out outfits that match the color scheme...fancy dresses for the girls and pajama's for the boys (???)! And she insisted on tie dye ice cream cone cupcakes. She is a girl after my own heart.

We started with the cupcakes.

She helped with the whole process and even frosted most of them by herself (see the finished product in the videos below).

She wrote an invitation with no help at all. Translation: You're coming to the party. We are going to have treats.
Plus a little bling never hurts ;)

I should have gotten a picture of everyone in their party attire, but alas all I got was this cute picture of Evy in her red, white and blue.

Nora also did the decorating and set out party favors! Then we invited a few friends over and they were kind of enough to come over on very short notice to fulfill a little girl's dreams of party planning!

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