Friday, July 28, 2017

Fourth Fun {KS style}

During the 4th of July week we spent a few days in Kansas!

We went to my Dad's house and got to see my brother and his family. We took a few family pictures, went to a BBQ and swim party, watched fireworks, set off our own fireworks and went to the waterpark. Evy even said her 1st words there...Dada. It was a lot of fun packed into a few days!

Family selfie at the waterpark

Always up for a snack!

The kids weren't tall enough for the bigger slides, but Kolter loved this one and went down it approximately 12,893,567 times. Sawyer and Nora loved the lazy river (which they are not very lazy in) and the wave pool.

Snack break

Setting off some smoke bombs, parachutes, firecrackers and snappers

My perpetual sparkler with a sparkler

Searching the skies for a their pj's

On July 5th the boys headed to Smith Center. Sawyer and Kolter stayed at the farm and the timing was perfect because it was harvest and everyone loves a combine ride! Kyle dropped them off and headed to CO with his high school buddies for a week of fishing!

The girls spent another day in KS visiting Papa and Tache. Then we headed back to OK for a week of girly fun.

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