Tuesday, July 11, 2017

iPhone Unload {June 2017}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Kolter pulled a stool to the middle of the floor and proceeded to eat his sandwich; someone thought playing in the toilet was a great idea; sliding sisters; cute Kolter; when you're trying to eat a healthy diet but your oldest son takes you on a date and wants to get you something...you eat the cupcake; standing and into EVERYTHING; she is 9 months old and crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, climbing stairs, chewing on electric cords with her 2 razor sharp teeth, opening cabinets and pulling out the contents, putting everything in her mouth...but then there's this moment of peace and I'm reminded to cherish her littleness whether she is destroying the house, melting us with her smile or sleeping peacefully in my arms; biggest + littlest #twins; cart cutie; Mommy & Evy; Daddy with Sawyer and Evy

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Evy loves her sink baths; Evy also loves pulling things out of the cabinets; movie night with Nora; Kolter being ornery and cute all at the same time; baby bird opens wide for the food; that pencil behind the ear!; sister twinning in dresses mommy made; Father's Day fun; everyone pile on Daddy is a favorite around here; you know just a morning bowl of Cheerios and orange gatorade; so happy while she waits for food; this makes my heart happy #thebigthree #readersmakeleaders

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