Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Baseball Boy

Sawyer's 1st season of machine pitch baseball is over. Honestly, it was a rough season. Sawyer enjoyed playing the game and being with friends, but he struggled with batting. Thankfully, it didn't seem to phase him much at first, but by the middle of the season he realized his lack of hitting skills and he started to put pressure on himself.

His fielding improved and he did a great job at different positions. He practiced hard (extra batting practice with daddy, batting cages, lots of hard work, etc.) but he still struggled. The last week he practiced batting everyday and we are so thankful that the hard work paid off because in his last at bat of the season (the only time he batted in the final game) he hit the ball on the 1st pitch! We were all so surprised and excited that he got a hit and got on base, but I'm even more proud and excited for his hard work and perseverance. Now that the season is over and I reflect on it I couldn't be more proud of Sawyer!

After the game we were gushing about his hit and his hard work leading up to it and his reply..."Yeah, I hit it on the 1st pitch! I didn't even have to get mad at the ball!"

So excited to get on base (he made it to 3rd before the inning was over)

Hustling at 1st base

This was also Kyle's first foray into the world of coaching his kids. Sawyer loved having Daddy out there!

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