Friday, May 5, 2017

Superman Dino Birthday Party

Kolter turned 3 at the end of March!

He requested a Superman/Dinosaur party and thanks to SNU's Jurassic Park night at the cafeteria that's exactly what he got!

I bought some Superman cupcakes and dinosaur napkins, SNU provided the Dino decor and it was the easiest party I've ever thrown. With zero set-up or clean down!!!

Excited to be 3!

We invited a few friends to the cafeteria and they left with these little Dino slingshots as a favor.

When we arrived outside the cafeteria dinosaurs just happened to greet us on the steps. It was a total coincidence, but a total dream come true for Kolter!

The kiddos got Kolter a Superman costume and Sawyer has the sweet idea to put it on and pretend to be Superman (Kolter really wanted Superman to come to his party). Sawyer was so sweet as Superman and Kolter LOVED it! Then Sawyer presented him with the costume! Kolter was a little bit excited...see picture below :)

He was a little leery of getting too close to the dinosaurs, but that boy loves a t-rex! Dreams do come true!

Happy birthday to our blue-eyed, fun-loving, big appetite, sports obsessed, ornery and tough little ham!

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