Monday, May 29, 2017

Easter Treasure Hunt

This year instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt Sawyer requested a treasure hunt complete with a map. I thought that sounded like a fun idea so I researched how to make a treasure map (surely there's an app for that ;) and when the results included dyeing the paper with coffee I checked out. I did a little brainstorming and decided the best/easiest route would be to have the hunt on SNU's campus. Students on break, lots of places to hide eggs and a map I could print made it the perfect location!

I marked the locations on the map for each kid. Daddy and Papa went ahead of us and hid the eggs. The kids were pumped to have a map!

They each had an egg color and 12 eggs hidden around campus. It took about an hour to hunt them all down. The kids had a blast and it was way more fun than stampeding through a field with a million other kids to grab a few eggs. I think this will be our new tradition!

It was a beautiful evening for an egg treasure hunt!

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