Monday, May 8, 2017

Branson Babe

At the end of March we traveled to Branson, MO to meet the newest addition to the Schenk family, nephew/cousin Kal. It was a quick trip, but the kids loved playing with their cousin and we got in lots of baby snuggles!

Nora & Kal

Love those newborn snuggles

Saturday was rainy, so we bravely took 6 kids (including 2 infants) to Beauty & the Beast. 

Kolter latching on to his namesake (Kyle calls him Little Jake)

During the movie I let Kolter have a few sips of Dr. Pepper to keep him quiet. This was his first experience with pop. It was an afternoon movie, but at bedtime I learned I had made a grave mistake. Kolter was literally bouncing off the walls until 11:00 pm. It was insane and I learned an important caffeine for Kolter!

We left early on Sunday, but not before an obligatory cousin picture! Look at all those sweet/ornery Schenk kids!

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