Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The move

Moving day was a bit of blur, but here are some snippets. My Dad, Uncle and Kyle all arrived in OH on Friday afternoon/night. Saturday we awoke and the fun began...

The day started off right with our final run to Peace, Love and Little Donuts!

On moving day we not only had to pack the boxes, but we had to make some house repairs discovered during the inspection. Thankfully, we had lots of help from family, church friends and Kyle's former football players.

After a little scare that the moving truck might not be big enough these big guys did a great job loading it all in. After all the work we enjoyed some pizzas.

After lunch the fun part began…cleaning. Once again I am so thankful for the help of friends who came over to clean up the mess!

After the trucks were packed and the house was clean (we were literally cleaning as we walked out the door) we headed to a farewell party thrown by our church. At this point we were a little weary from the move, but it was soooooo nice to see our friends one last time. It was such a nice event. One thing I will always remember is a moment when we were saying goodbye to one our friends and she said "We love you and I want you to know when you moved here it was God ordained that we found you because Parkside needed you." And my instant reply was, "I we needed Parkside!" Isn't it crazy how God orchestrates those events and puts you with the people you need and the people that need you!
a few of my favorites
I'm going to miss this friend, small group leader, ESFJ ;)
And the boy besties
We left the goodbye party (at 9 pm) and hit the road. We made it until midnight and stopped in Dayton, OH.

the boys were excited to be together!
We spent Sunday driving from Dayton, OH to Joplin, MO. We were so close, but the kids were done! We woke up the next morning and finished the journey making our way to Bethany, OK.

The kids were so excited to be out of the van and at their new home…well maybe not Kolter, I think he was excited for a nap ;)

Soon after we arrived the football team came over and unloaded the truck in record time (it maybe took them 15 minutes). We still had lots of transition ahead, but at least we made it to OK and were all under the same roof again!

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