Monday, February 29, 2016

Farewell to Weaver

Before we made the big move we had to say our farewells and our first goodbye was at school. We have LOVED our time at Weaver CDC. We couldn't have asked for a better school for the kids to begin their education. The teachers are so kind and caring! They truly got to know our kids and it felt like a family environment! It was definitely difficult to bid farewell!

Storytime with Miss Erica
Nora was in the 3's preschool with Miss Erica and Miss Judy. She loved everything about her first school experience, but her favorite things were painting and playing with her friends.

During her last week of school we celebrated her birthday (since she has a summer bday). She requested ice cream with sprinkles. She was too cute going around serving each classmate with their sprinkles.

Last day of school at Weaver!
 Nora with Miss Judy (Miss Erica was out ill) and her best friend (who she still talks about daily) Brynn

Sawyer with his beloved kindergarten teacher, Mrs. DeLap! 

He adores her and she even convinced him to be a Buckeyes fan for a bit ;)

Sawyer showing his baby brother the ropes on his last day

Sawyer and Aiden having a playdate before the move. Aiden was Sawyer's best friend at school (besides Jake…who had already moved ;)

And to commemorate the last day we had fro-yo for lunch! 

And a few more creations from Sawyer during his last few months at Weaver...
A fire house he built with Daddy
A drawing of Jesus in the manger and a picture of Sawyer and his cousin Gracie

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