Friday, March 25, 2016


Happy birthday to my favorite 2 year old! We are so excited to celebrate with you! You're our little Easter bunny this year because your birthday falls on Easter, so we're going to celebrate a little early!

Height: 32.87 inches (3%)
Weight: 25 lbs. 2 oz. (3%)

Here's a few of your favorite things!
  • Loves to dance
  • Has very polite manners (please and thank you for everything)
  • Says lots of words including: football, ball, cow, moo, doggy, Elmo, pup, Batman, please, thank you, KoKo (what he calls himself), Nora, mommy, daddy, come here, milk, juice, catch…actually I started this list a while ago and he can now say pretty much everything (animal names, colors, foods, etc). So I'll list the one word he can't say…Sawyer. I think the "S" at the beginning gets him ;)

  • Favorite animal: cow
  • Favorite show: Paw Patrol (Seseame Street is a close 2nd)
  • Favorite food: applesauce
  • Great eater...he will pretty much eat anything or at least try it
  • Least favorite food: green beans
  • Favorite character: Batman or a pup
  • His favorite thing is a ball. If there is a ball within sight he must have it. Even if it's a football the college kids are playing with. He will stand in their way or run after the ball until he succeeds.
  • Is showing signs of being ready for potty training.

  • Still sleeps with his pacifier (baba)…though that is going bye-bye soon
  • Can climb up and down the bunk bed.
  • Loves to give hugs and kisses.
  • He tries to do everything big brother and big sister do.
  • He doesn't love sweets.
  • He loves to read books, especially about animals.

Kolter's security blanket…he often sleeps with a large ball…silly boy

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