Wednesday, March 23, 2016

0-3 in a flash

Now that the news is out there I'll give you a little recap of the last 3 months...

  • 1/13 Sawyer's birthday and I found at baby #4 was on the way
  • 1/14 Girl's night where I told my close friends in OH because I had to tell someone and Kyle was in OK
  • 1/23 Kyle returns to OH to move us to OK, I tell Kyle the big news...he was happy and very shocked
  • 1/25 We arrive in OK to begin our new adventure at SNU, the exhaustion and nausea begins. The next several weeks were tough as we adjusted to living under the same roof, figuring out a new town and school and meeting new people all while I could barely get off the couch. My energy level was very low and I was not myself. Thank goodness for Kyle! Nearly every night he came home to a dirty house and jumped right into caring for the kids and making dinner.
  • 2/12 I had my first ultrasound and found out there is 1 little baby with a strong heart beat (172 bpm) and my due date was determined to be 9/21/16.
  • 2/13 & 2/14 We visited KS for the weekend and told many family members. We also made calls to the siblings to tell them the good news.
  • 2/15 We told the kids about the new baby. I told Sawyer first and he didn't believe me at first, but once I convinced him he got very excited and yelled to Nora across the house. They are both very excited. One of Sawyer's first questions was, "Is it a boy or girl?" I told him we didn't know. His response, "You never know until you see the balloons!" This made me crack up because that is how we found out Kolter's gender. Almost 3 years later and he still remembers!
  • 2/21 Starting to see the light at the end of the nausea tunnel and slowly telling our new friends/co-workers about the impending football season baby ;)
  • 3/17 2nd doctors appointment went well. The babies heartbeat was 166 bpm. I am now feeling better and pretty much back to normal most of the day. I also haven't gained any weight, yeah!
That's a quick overview of baby #4 thus far. The news was bit of a shock, but we couldn't be more excited. It was such a blessing that during my time in OH alone with the kids I was still feeling well. While I hate being sick, it was a huge relief that the sickness didn't start until we were all back together. Now here's to getting my energy back during this 2nd trimester ;)

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