Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our new home...for a time

When we moved to OK we decided to move into a rental house so we could get acquainted with the area before buying a home.

There weren't a whole lot of options in our desired location, so we took what we could get on a month-to-month lease. While it is quite small (1.5 bedrooms) we are thankful it is in a great location and it is clean (well before we moved in ;)

Here's a little look at our home for the past few months:

The view from the front door 

Another view of the living area

A look at the entry way 

 The kitchen

 This is our multi-purpose area…our dressing room, office, dining room (notice the card table box), storage and library

The parents room with no closet, thus our dressing room is in the dining room

The bathroom 

Thankfully the kids room is quite spacious and has a closet 

They have made themselves quite comfortable ;)

While it's not ideal to be living amongst boxes we are so thankful for this place to call home. The simpler living has allowed us to spend more time together and getting acquainted with our new city. We've been doing lots of exploring to fill our days. That also includes house hunting…we are closing on our "new" house on Friday!

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