Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Faves

Some things I've been loving this fall...

1) These 3! They kind of like each other (except for when they don't ;) and it kind of makes my heart melt.

2) The kid's school! We've loved their preschool for several years now, but since making the decision to continue to send Sawyer for preschool the Lord has continually affirmed that decision and cemented our love the school! 

Nora is the happiest on school days. She adores her teachers and gives all the staff members hugs. At her parent teacher conference her teachers said she is right on target academically, she is a little artist who is always experimenting and she is kind to her friends. She has also found a best friend and they are pretty inseparable.

Sawyer is in the kindergarten class that is combined K-3rd. He loves his teachers and picks up the content very quickly. He is learning to read and is very excited about that. At his parent teacher conference the teachers said he is willing to take on any challenge (which I guess is unusual for a 1st born), he is kind to others and he meets academic challenges. His teacher also mentioned that he stays in the background, but he is friends with everyone. She also said he surprised her a lot because she would ask him questions that she thought he wouldn't know and he always provided the correct answer. She mentioned that she was going to focus on challenging him a bit more. When she said that I about broke down in tears because she truly took the time to get to know him. Because of his personality (nothing wrong with it, he just prefers being in the background) I was afraid he would get lost in the shuffle (blame my fear on being a 1st born ;) But his teacher really got to know him and how he ticks and is able to figure out ways to challenge him in an appropriate way. I am so thankful for their love and care for him!

Plus this view each morning isn't too shabby!

3) This little family God has blessed me with. These pictures also represent our church family which have also been a huge blessing! Since we live so far from family I'm not sure what we would do without them!
In October our church hosted a Fall Festival as an outreach to the community. The event was straight out of Stars Hollow. I felt like I would see Lauralei and Rory around the next corner ;) It was a fun event for the whole family. There was a folk band, pumpkin painting, hay ride, carnival games, food, prizes, bounce houses and more. It was the perfect fall evening with some of our favorite people.

I put together the photo booth and here we are taking advantage of it!

4) This fall I've really enjoyed listening to podcasts. I realize this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, I'm probably late to the party, but instead of watching tv while I sew it's been refreshing to listen to uplifting messages each afternoon. My favorites are The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and God Centered Mom with Heather MacFadyen.

5) This isn't just a fall favorite as I've been doing this for about a year now, but I love Fitness Blender. I am able to get a good workout from home and the increase in my strength has been huge. I love the changes I see plus it's free! If you're looking for an affordable way to get fit I highly suggest checking out Fitness Blender!

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  1. This is such a cute pic!! We would love a copy if you can!! 5x7 or send it to me and I'll print! :) xoxoxo!!!