Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halloween {2015}

Halloween 2015 was a little different this year. Kyle and I were out of town on October 31st, so we had to take advantage of a few halloween activities before the actual day.

A few weeks before Halloween we went to a trick-or-treat event with Mema. This was a day for superheros. Sawyer was Spiderman, Nora was Supergirl, and Kolter was Buzz Lightyear. They got so much candy it was spilling out of their baskets! They were so excited, but it was super cold so I didn't get many pictures.

my superhero's holding hands
Trying to ward off the chill with more candy
FYI: Kolter caught on very quickly. He just couldn't understand why he couldn't consume it as he received it.

The next weekend Daddy took them to a trick-or-treat event and they dressed as the Toy Story gang. Sawyer was Buzz Lightyear, Kolter was Woody (he wouldn't leave his hat on) and Nora was Jessie. I love it when they dress with a theme!

it looks like Jessie is practicing her yodeling skills!
On Halloween night they were staying with friends at separate houses, but they all brought home more candy ;) Sawyer and Nora reprised their role of Spiderman and Supergirl while Kolter dawned the Buzz Lightyear costume again.

They had lots of fun playing their characters and getting candy! Now that it's mid-November suffice it to say most of the candy is gone ;)

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