Monday, November 23, 2015

iPhone Unload {October 2015}

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Kolter is our little sports guy, ice cream night with my loves, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream, Kolter having so much fun playing outside he lost his drawers, Kolter the climber


Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): the boys found a new hiding spot inside the cabinets; a walk on a beautiful fall day; bath buddies; a little sibling cuteness before church; Mommy and her baby; Kolter and his beloved paci; Kolter loves to dress up as a football player; baby superhero saving the day since 2014

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Kolter loving the Weaver playhouse; double take as Nora talks to herself in the dressing room mirror; they look like they are up to no good; Sawyer found his beloved Elmo who had been missing for several months (it was in a puzzle box…why of course ;); I put together a book theme baby shower at church; Nora loves decorating and coming to the baby showers; she got to hand out the gifts at this shower and she was over the moon; I'm usually pretty good at throwing expired food out…found a baking powder that wasn't doing it's job…probably because it expired in 2007; Nora loves to fold clothes and she even packed her own bag; Nora wearing all the bows!; he may be small, but he gives the best hugs #tightsqueeze #hugs #hugsarethebest

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