Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sawyer Sayings & Eleanora Explanations

Miss Butterfly riding Sparky the Spiderman Sawyer

Bedtime prayer:
Jesus, thank you for protecting me. I am a talking dog. Mommy and Daddy are VERY proud of me standing up to pee. Amen

Playing I spy:
I spy something clear and invisible.

On the way to school:
Me: I'm so sorry I forgot your backpack at home.
Sawyer: It's okay Mom! Good thing I have hands.

Every time we pull into our house or school:
Home sweet home
Home sweet school

Sawyer and I having a conversation about who knows what...
Sawyer: That is weird...even for me!
being silly for Kolter
After a few minutes of deep contemplation, in a very sad voice:
Mom, I really, really want to fly to outer space

While driving in the car at night:
Sawyer: Mom I am scared of the dark. I am going to talk to Jesus. Jesus, I am scared of the dark, please protect me….long pause…Mom, Jesus isn't answering me!

While talking about marriage at dinner
Sawyer: Mom, I want to marry you and have 6 kids!


After a particularly grueling get-out-the-door experience (get everyone dressed, pottied, shoes on, coats on, out the door, in the car and buckled in) I sit in the drivers seat and said "You are..."
Without missing a beat Nora interjects "Amazing!" Yes, yes, that's what I was thinking ;)
Actually I was going to say "You are on my nerves." Not my finest moment, but a certain 3 year old certainly turned my attitude around quickly.

Scene: Nora is distraught in the car because she forgot to bring a certain toy.
Me: (I see a toy on the floor) You can have this My Little Pony.
Nora: (in a super exasperated tone) That's not your little pony it's MINE.

And this cracked me up: at a recent church event with new leaders they must have asked Nora's name and thought she said "Laura." I asked her if people kept calling her Laura and she said "yes!" Then I proceeded to ask if she corrected them and she said "No, I just answered to Laura all night."
We have a little hook toy that the kids use to play Captain Hook. I realize this is inappropriate, but she says it often and has no idea what she is saying.
Where's my hooker?
Oh, there's my hooker!

Nora: Mom, my eyes hurt.
Me: Why do your eyes hurt?
Nora: From ALL the TV I watched! (she had just finished watching 30 minutes of TV at daddy's office while I worked out :)

After doing her hair:
I look FABULOUS! (she certainly doesn't have confidence issues :)

She was sent to her room for sneaking candy. I went to talk to her about her disobedience. We talked about her poor choice. Then I started talking about her consequence. She cut me off…
Nora: Mom is it time for grace now?

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  1. Bahaha! Oh these are too funny. And you have your hands full with that sweet Eleanora. She reminds me a LOT of Mackie. Trust me, two years later and it only gets more comical....and dramatic. :)