Monday, December 1, 2014


I hit my knee on the van while dropping Sawyer off at school. It hurt A LOT. I had to pull over and get out because I was in so much pain. It swelled. It bruised. It still hurts.

The kids had a dental check-up. They did great! Genetically they have different is going to have great teeth...the other one not so much. Thankfully they both LOVE the dentist!

I recently participated in a craft show. The preparation was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. Kyle made a display stand using the ladder from the kids play set. What a guy!

Kolter who used to always sleep through the night now wakes up twice every night. Usually around midnight and 4 am. I blame it on the teeth...he has 2, but he's working on more. As you can guess I am TIRED.

Sawyer loves the Tooty Ta song he learned at preschool. I hope I can get it on video someday.

Nora is typically a very happy child, but Nora TIRED = ANGRY DRAMA (some would say she is a little like her mama :)

Kolter pulled himself up for the 1st time at the dentist. He pulled up on a planter and proceeded to eat the dirt.

Kolter likes to chew on cords.

We started a Dave Ramsey class at church. We've always been thrifty and I love to save. But this has been a good exercise in us communicating more about our money and looking at long-term goals.

I went to Connecticut for work. It was my 1st time in CT, but unfortunately I was there for about 16 hours and didn't get to see anything other than the hotel room and office building I visited.

I had a birthday in November. We celebrated on several fronts…The night before my bday I had my monthly girls night. They surprised me with a little road trip complete with a mix cd, an ice cream cake, and my 1st trip through a beverage drive thru (it's an OH thing)! On my actual birthday Kyle was out of state for a football game, I watched a friends infant all day and that night I went to a birthday party for someone else…needless to say I didn't really count that day as my birthday. However, on Monday Kyle had the day off (1st day off in 3 months) so I decided that was going to be my birthday. So I had a day'o'fun. Kyle watched the kids while I worked out. He cleaned all the bathrooms. I had a chance to sew for fun (which rarely happens these days). Then we got a babysitter and Kyle and I went out for dinner at the new Texas Roadhouse. I opened my lovely cards and gifts. Then we perused the aisles of Target alone. It was a pretty great day!

my bday with friends
The kids are in Awana. They LOVE it! They've already learned several verses. Recently we were reviewing their Cubby materials and Sawyer was just not into it. I finally gave up and said we would try again later. Then several hours later I hear him running through the house singing the verse I was trying to teach him…so maybe he was listening ;) I love that they are learning the Word of God, makes my heart happy!
Walking into AWANA…this girl LOVEA her daddy
The day after the final football game the team had their annual football banquet. The big kids were at AWANA so it was just the 3 of us. It was kind of nice to actually sit and listen to the banquet. It was a nice way to wrap up the difficult season.

Three of us before the banquet…Sawyer and Nora were at AWANA
I've designed, created and ordered the Christmas cards. I can't wait to get them in the mail!

Kolter enjoyed his 1st restaurant high chair experience recently. He was so intrigued by all the activity!

Soon after Kolter started pulling up he also started climbing up...

Sawyer no longer naps, but he does have a rest time for 2 hours in his room. He does pretty well staying in his room where he has built a fort (or hoard depending on your interpretation) under Kolter's crib and builds with LEGO's/blocks. This is one of the creations he was very proud of. He built a tower taller than his bed all by himself! I was pretty impressed!

I LOVE this kid!
Princess Nora
Nora has recently started to show interest in all things princess, but unfortunately our dress-up basket was lacking in girl attire. So when she received a hand-me-down princess costume she was so thrilled she immediately put on the dress, her tutu, a tiara, wand and glass slippers. She was in LOVE!

Nora is my only child that will tell me when she is tired. I love that!

These 2 LOVE to play together and make each other laugh…I hope their bond continues to grow always

Kolter also adores his daddy. Anyone see the resemblance?

Twins in attire, not in attitude
I'm not typically into the whole matchy, match thing. But one day I realized Kolter and Sawyer had the same shirts in sizes that currently fit them. This was a total coincidence. In fact Kolter's onesie used to be Sawyer's. Anyway, I decided it might be fun to dress them alike and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it :) You may be seeing them look like twins more often ;)

Can you find Nora among the stacks?
This girl loves to read! And I hope that continues for years to come!

Once again what can I say #3rdchild
It's already snowed a lot! It's been negative temperatures! It's only November…I need to brace myself for another long winter indoors. The kids could not wait to play in the snow! Sawyer had school that morning, so Nora had to wait until he got home. She literally stood at the window in her snow clothes waiting to go outside.

1st snowman of the season
Kolter eating Daddy's nose…good thing he doesn't have many teeth
That was quite possibly the strangest post I've ever written, but I'm finally caught up! Now on to our Thanksgiving fun!

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