Monday, December 29, 2014

Jesus' Birthday Party

Before we left for Christmas break our little family of 5 celebrated with a birthday party for Jesus. When the kids awoke they ran downstairs to find their stockings full of goodies.


After unpacking the stockings we ate a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then we read the Christmas story from the Bible and they placed the last piece of the nativity scene, baby Jesus.

Then we opened our gifts to each other. Kyle and I typically buy 4 gifts for the children: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read/learn.

Sawyer received bike tires for his big boy bike we got at a garage sale this summer, Leap Frog books, summer clothes, and a Lego mat + Lego's.

Nora received a new Jessie doll (that works :), gymnastics leotards, some clothes and a few craft supplies.

Kolter received a big boy hooded towel, a set of sheets, an alligator toy, book and Nike tennis shoes.

With each gift Nora would get so excited and give it a hug! So sweet!

a wonderful scene of joy and blessing I want to remember forever

Each year our church hosts a 3 Wisemen Shop where the kids are able to choose gifts for their parents. Kyle received a glitter lamp from Sawyer and an OSU hat from Nora. It was so cute after Nora chose the gift she couldn't hold in the surprise. She started to tell us what she got and I cut her off and told her it was a secret and we needed to wait until we opened the gifts. She proceeded to turn to Daddy and whisper emphatically "it's a RED hat." I love that she knew her Daddy always wears a hat, however we are not OSU fans so it probably won't get much use.

I received a nail art kit and nail dryer from Sawyer and Nora chose a jewelry set.

It's always so fun to see what they choose for us!

Kolter was excited for his own hooded towel just like his siblings have
so excited about his big boy tires

Christmas morning cuddles for Momma

And to end our sweet little family time we brought out the cake, lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Jesus. Then the kids enjoyed eating cake at 9 am ;) And just to make note the kids helped me with the cake...they requested Jell-o poke cake with sprinkles, so that's what we made

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