Friday, December 19, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The day after we returned from CO we took down the fall decor and put up Christmas decorations.

This year we simplified things a bit and I love the result. I put out the decor on the bay window and the mantle. Kyle set up the tree. The kids unpacked the ornaments and placed them on the tree.

excited for Christmas decorating

This kid wanted to help too, but we spent most of the time pulling him away from all the breakables :)

The finished product!

the mantle with stockings hung
 I realize Kolter's stocking is missing and I have a good excuse. I ordered it from PB right after Thanksgiving (for a really great price too) and I received it several weeks ago, but the monogramming was all messed up. So I called to get a new one…it was supposed to be in by 12/15, but I didn't receive it so I called again and it is backordered…it should arrive 12/20…when we are gone :( I'll just use the messed up one for his actually stocking, but it looks so bad I didn't want to hang it up. At least I left room for his :)

our kid safe nativity
We have a few other decorations here and there, but nothing else elaborate. Probably one of my favorite decorations right now is the Little People nativity set we have on the coffee table. The kids are setting it up during their Advent readings (and at other times of the day :) I love that they are so interested in it.

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  1. Beautiful - especially the tree with the history there. ;)

    I'm with you on simplicity. Less to put away and clean up after the Christmas season, but still festive enough to celebrate. Merry Christmas to you all!