Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Play Time in the CO

Nearly every time we visit my parents in Colorado Springs we make a trip to Focus on the Family for several reasons… 1. It's very close to their house. 2. My kids have lots of energy. 3. It's a fun play area they love!

This was Kolter's 1st time at Whit's End and he had a blast exploring everything in the baby area.

Nora was a great helper with all 3 of the "babies"

And just for a fun comparison, above is a picture of Kolter at 8 months at Focus and below is a picture of Sawyer at 10.5 months at Focus. Someone had a lot more hair :)

cousin Nathaniel playing

Everyone wanted to ride the turtle

This kid pulls himself up everywhere  now

The big boys spent a lot of time running around the bigger kid area, but once they wore out they settled in to watch some Veggie Tales on the rocks.

One sad note, they have a large 4 story slide. Sawyer was too short by about an inch, but he really wanted to ride so we decided to see if he could pass through. We walked all the way up and waited patiently in line. When it was our turn the lady wanted to measure him and he didn't make the cut. He was sad, there were tears and it was my fault to taking him up there. I felt horrible! It's one of those lessons every child has, but it hurt my heart a little to see him turned back from something he really wanted to do. Plus knowing he is a small little guy it's probably going to be a reoccurring theme in his life :( But Kyle ever the voice of reason told me that in Navy Seal training they always put the smallest people in a group together and that group has the highest rate of retention because they learn to work through adversity…not really sure that made me feel better, just reminded me I'm a wife of a coach :)

And here is Sawyer channeling his parents past puppeteer days with an alligator puppet show

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