Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Great Camping Expedition of 2014

Last weekend we went on the annual church camping trip. I am NOT a camper and this year I had the perfect excuse to stay home (a 2 month old), but it's always so FUN so we took the plunge, packed our van to the max, and made the trip to Salt Fork Lake State Park.

The older kids had a blast running all over with their friends. The nice thing about camping with a church group is the kids can run free and you know someone is always watching. Kolter was a good baby. He mostly slept or sat in my arms, but I'm so thankful he was happy.

Our sleeping situation was probably the most difficult aspect. Kyle, Sawyer and Nora stayed in the tent with their sleeping bags. They did great sleeping even with some chilly temperatures at night. Kolter and I "camped" in the van on an air mattress. He slept okay, but I woke with every noise and wiggle. But we had so much fun during the day the lack of sleep didn't matter :)

Our 2 1/2 days consisted of campfires, food, bike riding, chatting, s'mores, boating, swimming, sun, sand, tubing and fishing.

running to find friends when we arrived

putting up the tent

this cutie tipping his hat at mommy

getting ready for some serious bike riding

so happy to find a leaf…finding joy in the small things

chilling at the beach in his Bumbo

the kids testing the waters

Kolter napping at the beach

Daddy and Nora building a sand castle
riding on the boat
Making s'mores

Hanging out around the campfire

And a big moment…the training wheels came off! Sawyer has been obsessed with this bike recently. He rides super fast and is always asking to go out for a bike ride. Kyle had some free time while camping so he took the training wheels off and gave Sawyer a lesson. It went pretty well, but there were lots of onlookers and advice givers so he didn't last very long. I think a few more sessions and he will have it down.

our camping family of 5
Kolter woke up early and we enjoyed the sunrise together.

I think we all felt like this on the ride home

There is another camping post to come because I think the fishing and s'more pictures deserve a post of their own :)

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