Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2nd Semester {Preschool '13-'14}

Sawyer finished up preschool a little early because he was going to the farm. He didn't mind. In fact the morning I told him it was his last day of school he exclaimed, "Does that mean it's summer?" I didn't even think he knew the concept of summer vacation, but I guess they pick that up pretty quickly.

Sawyer with his teachers, Miss Erica and Miss Judy
Throughout the year Sawyer always enjoyed going to school. During the winter months, when they couldn't play outside, his favorite school activities were building train tracks and playing with the tools.

Here are some of his artistic creations:
this snowflake picture was probably his favorite
Sawyer titled this: Mommy's Rainbow
Sawyer's grass buddy, he loved to water it and give it a "hair cut"
Bob the owl buddy, Sawyer created the owl and the nest
The next pictures were captured by his teachers:

Fishing for letters with Jake

counting cars with Jake, they made it all the way to 35

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