Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on Friday

1) We got our van back!…enough said :)

2) Father's Day was the day after we returned from camping, so it was a recovery day, but hopefully Kyle felt loved and special. We went to church, out to lunch at a restaurant of his choosing (Penn Station), napped, and visited a bookstore. The kids each drew him a picture in his Father's Day journal. They each wanted to draw him fish, which ended up being very appropriate since they all fished that weekend. We also gave him a ladder. Not very exciting, but something he wanted and really needed.

Kyle is the best Daddy to our kids! He jumps in from the moment they are born. He changes diapers regularly, teaches the kids life lessons, disciplines, loves deeply, reads them God's word, wrestles with them and is such a great example. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows as the kids get older!

this picture cracks me up. Kolter doesn't know if he should be having fun or terrified :)
3) I recently visited an H & M and spotted a dress I knew Nora would love. It was pink, flowery and had butterflies :) Then I saw an advertisement featuring a little girl model in the dress. She was styled so cute and I knew Nora already had all the pieces to complete the look (jeggings and pink converse), so the $5 dress came home to Nora's closet :)

This little girl LOVES clothes and shoes! And I LOVE my little fashionista!

4) Sawyer started swimming lessons this week. I was cautiously optimistic after our difficult swimming lesson experience from last year. He was excited to go, but as we entered the pool area he became anxious and after going with the teacher he started running back to me...Just like last year. I eventually put him in the pool screaming, but the teacher calmed him down and once they started kicking he was happy again. As the week progressed he no longer ran away, but he was still reluctant to do many of the activities. Here's hoping week 2 goes better.

5) This week I was talking to a friend who was having trouble with her kids putting things in their noses. I thought off all the crazy things my kids do they have never put anything in their nose…what a proud mommy moment :) Well Nora humbled me the next day when she said "Mommy, I have a Cheerio in my nose." I quickly ran to her and thankfully it was only half a Cheerio. As I tried to decide how to proceed she sniffed it up and the Cheerio disappeared! As I stood there in shock, unsure what to do she started sneezing. After her sneezing fit she declared the Cheerio was gone :) Thankfully, it didn't turn into a major ordeal…life is never dull in the Schenk house!

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