Thursday, September 26, 2013

Punkin' Bread

One night when the kids had a babysitter they got to experience the wonder of pumpkin bread. Sawyer, who has a stomach the size of a bird's stomach, ate 5 pieces.

The next morning Sawyer woke up and crawled into bed with me and his 1st words of the day were "I want some pumpkin bread!" I had to break it to him that his mother was not a baker and had never made pumpkin bread. But I did have a solution, Grandma was visiting in less than a week and 1) she LOVES to cook 2) she LOVES to cook even more for the one's she loves and 3) she has a tried and true recipe for pumpkin bread. That seemed to satisfy his desire and he immediately called Grandma and asked her to make pumpkin bread.

And alas during Grandma's visit she fulfilled Sawyer's wishes and they made pumpkin bread together.

It was a hit with Sawyer and Nora!

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  1. It looks like Mom is going to have to learn Grandma's recipe. ;-)