Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1st Day of School Ever!

I recently got an email stating the school had been approved by the state so they were starting preschool the next day. As excited as I was to get Sawyer started it was very quick notice. And if you know Sawyer he doesn't do super well with surprises. So, as morning dawned on Friday Sawyer was not super excited about going to school or seeing his friends. He didn't even jump at the chance for a special breakfast. I was very worried about drop-off...

look at that ornery face
Nora, our little ham, had to get in on the picture taking too
Even though he said he didn't want a special breakfast I still made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs. Which he scarfed up. Then we got ready and we all (including Daddy) drove to school.

outside his school, getting more excited
We took a few pictures, he hung up his backpack, greeted his teachers and showed Daddy his classroom. He was being a little clingy, but I promised him a treat after school if he went and played and that was all it took. We ran out (to avoid a scene) and he stayed at the teachers side.

finding his name and hanging up his backpack

When I picked him up he ran out happily and was excited to tell me about his day. They played outside, painted, sang songs, read books, etc.

Funny story...
Me: Who did you play with at school?
Sawyer: Jake (this is a friend he knows well)
Me: Did you play with any other friends?
Sawyer: Yes
Me: What were their names?
Sawyer: My new friends don't have names.

We might have to work on that :)

And to top things off we went for a treat...he couldn't decide between M&M's or cupcakes, so we combined the two and he had an M&M cupcake :)

Of course Nora chose the messiest cupcake possible, chocolate molten. But you can't blame the girl it was GOOD

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