Sunday, September 22, 2013

MU FB & A Visit

I haven't posted about football in a while but it has been chugging along. Last weekend MU took on Saginaw Valley and it was in Michigan. We didn't make the trip so not much to report except MU lost.

This weekend was our 1st home game of the season. The Pioneers took on Hillsdale on a very wet day. As the game progressed the weather dried up and by the end it was sunny and warm. Hillsdale took the lead early and never looked back. The final score was 16-41.

The bright spot of the weekend was a visit from Grandma! She arrived Friday afternoon. We took it easy that night because of all the fun we had planned for the next day. On Saturday morning we got up to go pick apples at the orchard. Unfortunately, it was raining hard and it would not let up. So instead of picking apples we decided to go to the farmer's market and buy some fresh apples. Also, on a whim we checked out the flea market and came away with a new Woody doll and Bullseye. So while Sawyer was upset that we didn't get to pick apples I think we satisfied him with the new toys he carried around for days.
watching a movie and eating popcorn

After the farmer's market we ran home for a quick lunch and nap before the game. This was a press box kind of game with the yucky weather. The kids played while the mom's attempted to watch the game.

playing with Mema at the game

during the game there was lots of coloring

and a few snacks...can you tell she liked the chocolate chip cookie

Following the game we met up with Uncle Cliff and Aunt Jess for a delicious dinner.

Daddy's girl

choking or decide

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