Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday

Just a few things to report around here so I'm going to jump on this bandwagon with the good life blog and others...

1) Last Friday Sawyer had his preschool orientation. I was VERY nervous that he would show some separation anxiety (think kicking and screaming) when I left. He has recently started doing this when we leave him in the church nursery. But much to my surprise he gleefully walked in, found his name on the board, introduced himself to his teachers and ran straight for the toys.

I walked out without even saying good-bye :( because I didn't want to remind him of my absence. A little bittersweet for me to leave my baby, but so happy he was excited. And I'm so excited to see how he will grow and develop this year. His orientation was only 1 hour, but it was a great introduction.

Preschool was supposed to start this week, but the school moved locations over the summer and the Ohio Department of Education has not yet been there to evaluate, so they can't open the preschool. It's a bummer, but soon enough we'll be hitting up the drop-off line.

Here's a quick pic of him before the orientation:

2) My weekly Bible study began again this week. We are studying Isaiah. I absolutely love my Bible study. Our pastor teaches for 30 minutes in a corporate setting. It's such a wonderful time of digging deep into the word of God and I always leave having learned something new or a different perspective I had never considered. Then we split into small groups. My small group consists of about 10 ladies in various stages of life. We discuss the lesson and also share our lives and encourage and support one another. I think it's a wonderful set-up and I adore my time with them every week.

3) Malone's 1st game is tomorrow. As always the 1st game brings excitement and anxiety...and that's just how I feel. I can't imagine how the actual coaches feel :) The game is about an 1 hour away and during nap time, but we will be attending and praying my children don't have any meltdowns. Hmmm, will I be able to watch the games this year? Only time will tell.

4) I've been fairly busy with Etsy. When I don't have orders to complete I've been building up stock for the holiday season. Hopefully it won't be as overwhelming as it was last year. I've also been thinking up some new products. Hopefully those will come to fruition soon.

5) With Daddy gone many evenings we have been hitting up Chick-fil-a quite often, especially on the kids eat free night. And our Chick-fil-a always has a children's entertainer and the night we went it was balloon night. They cherished their balloons for days.

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